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Complete Home Remodeling

Grapevine, TX

Grapevine, TX sits directly north of Dallas and Fort Worth, with its northern shores resting along Grapevine Lake. Grapevine’s history began when representatives of the Republic of Texas met with members of 10 American Indian tribes in 1843 in Grape Vine Springs. A negotiation was had regarding peace, and the Treaty of Birds Fort was created, allowing homesteaders to come to the region. Grapevine is the oldest settlement in Tarrant County, which originated under the Lone Star flag in 1844, a year before Texas was annexed by the United States.

Today, Grapevine is a thriving city known for its charming downtown along Historic Main Street. The culture and commerce of the hospitality industry make Grapevine such a wonderful place to live and visit. More than a decade ago, the state senate declared Grapevine the Christmas Capital of Texas. Grapevine hosts over 1,400 events in 40 days each year, including a Christmas parade, making it a truly special place to be over the holiday season.

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Space Construction Remodeling Services

Space Construction has been in the business of creating the perfect home for residents in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 15 years. Some of our most popular services include our remodeling services. We help residents fall in love with their homes again through our home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and kitchen remodeling services. Over the years, we have transformed homes from outdated bungalows to crumbling two-stories. When you choose Space Construction for your remodeling project, you are choosing the best team possible to create a space that reflects your desires and lifestyle. 

Read on for the benefits of complete remodeling services we can perform for your Grapevine home. 

Complete Home Remodeling

Most homeowners choose only to tackle one remodeling project at a time, even if they eventually plan to undergo several remodeling projects in the future. Complete home remodels often involve remodeling kitchens and bathrooms, especially as they are two of the most remodeled parts of homes for all homeowners. Other home remodels might include remodeling the entire first floor of a home to create an open floor plan. 

Some Benefits of a Complete Home Remodel

  • Savings: Believe it or not, you can save money by choosing to undergo a complete home remodel. Materials for a remodeling project are expensive, but if you choose a complete home remodel, you can save money on buying materials in bulk. With Space Construction, we work closely with our manufacturers to make sure our clients get the best prices. 
  • Same Style: If you choose to remodel your en-suite bathroom this year and then remodel your primary bedroom a few years down the line, you are bound to run into some issues with consistency in style. Furthermore, you might run into issues where the materials used in one room are no longer available. This is the case quite often with flooring. 
  • Rewarding: Home remodeling can take up a long chunk of time and be exhausting, especially if you choose to continue living in your home during the remodel, but the rewards far outweigh the discomfort. Once the project is complete and our clients are satisfied, we guarantee you are going to love your home all over again. A complete home remodel ensures you don’t have to worry about another home remodeling project anytime soon. 

Grapevine Home Remodeling Experts

When you want to update your Grapevine home, call Space Construction. We’ll offer you a free estimate and assist you in designing and planning your home remodeling project. A project manager will be assigned to your project early on in the process. They’ll be your contact for questions, concerns, and regular updates. We are committed to providing the very best customer experience in the Greater Dallas area. Call us today to start the home remodeling process or learn more about our services!