Concrete Contractors

A Versatile Material

Concrete is a much more versatile material than many might believe. It’s used in a number of different projects ranging from your home’s foundation to the concrete driveway leading up to it. Concrete is one of the most commonly used building materials in modern society. However, it can be used in ways other than major building blocks. Our concrete contractors have helped Dallas homeowners with several different projects, such as retaining walls, walkways, pool decks, and patios. We can help lay the foundation of a sturdy building or establish an engaging outdoor living space. Space Construction is highly versatile in what our concrete services can do for your property.

Concrete Contractors

What Our Concrete Contractors Can Do

Concrete comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s used every day in building projects, commercial and residential. For homeowners, concrete can be an affordable material option for their property. Our concrete contractors can manipulate concrete to their will to fit your needs as a property owner. We’ve helped clients add fire pits to their backyard and stamped driveways leading up to their garage. The opportunities with concrete are vast.

Space Construction is capable of performing a wide range of concrete projects, such as the following:

  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Walkways or sidewalks
  • Stamped concrete
  • Retaining walls
  • Decorative walls
  • Pool decking
  • Fire pits
  • Fountains
  • Foundations
  • And more!


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You can use concrete for your next landscaping project. Concrete is used as a hardscape which has a drastic effect on the depth and beauty of your property. Hardscape is a type of landscaping that is primarily solid surfaces rather than plants and natural elements.

If you really want to add value to your home, our concrete contractors can help. We’ve assisted many homeowners in adding customized concrete structures and hardscapes to their properties. If you’re interested in adding new dimensions to your home, give us a call!

Stamped Concrete Contractors

Stamped concrete is concrete with added color, patterns, or textures made to look like other materials. It is capable of looking like brick, natural stone, or even tile. It is a much more affordable option than actual stone, brick, or tile. For this reason, many homeowners consider it for their driveway or patio areas. Stamped concrete is made by placing a rubber stamp or mat onto the wet concrete before it cures.

When choosing stamped concrete, you can expect it to last you a lifetime as it’s incredibly durable compared to alternative options. In addition, there are a lot of customization options available such as color, pattern, and texture. These options give you the ability to turn your typically concrete slab into a textured stone path or cobblestone road. Consider stamped concrete for your new patio or driveway to add some depth to your property.


Many homeowners are unaware of the versatility or capabilities of concrete, which leads to a lot of questions. Our concrete contractors have answered a few common questions below.

How much is stamped concrete?

According to HomeAdvisor, you can expect stamped concrete to run you approximately $8 to $28 per square foot. The complexity of the design you want and the size of the area will impact the cost of your concrete project. For an accurate estimate from Space Construction, give us a call!

Can you stamp existing concrete?

Yes! If your slab of concrete is in relatively good condition, you can add a stamped texture to the top.

How long does concrete take to dry?

Your concrete will dry within 24 to 48 hours of being poured. However, it does not entirely cure until after 28 days. Curing is the process of cement and water completely bonding. Until that time, your concrete is capable of cracking and breaking. We recommend you avoid interacting with the concrete until the cure is finished.