Foundation Contractors

Laying Foundation for Home

Every home starts with a foundation. It acts as a strong platform for framing, roofing, siding, and everything else to come after its completion. Without a properly built foundation, your home is unable to serve its purpose. After all, your home is only as strong as the foundation it’s built on. When you want to build your dream home, you have to start with the foundation. Space Construction is thrilled to work with Dallas residents on their future dream homes. Our foundation contractors have years of experience pouring concrete varying in complexity. Their goal for your foundation is to ensure it stands the test of time and sets the groundwork for your future home.

Foundation Contractors

Services From Foundation Contractors

Our foundation contractors are here to help you start your dream home, but we’re also able to help homeowners with their existing foundations. Space Construction is your one-stop-shop, no matter what type of foundation services you need. We work with all types of Dallas homeowners in their foundation needs. We can work with you on your dream home’s foundation or help you repair your existing foundation problems.

Regardless of your needs, you can expect our foundation contractors to carry out highly-qualified and efficient foundation services. Our team follows industry best practices to make sure we don’t offset your timeline. Building a home from the ground up takes a lot of time. Before you can move forward, the foundation must be poured. Only then can you move forward with your new home project.

For those concerned with their home’s existing foundation, our foundation contractors can help perform any necessary repairs. We know the signs of when a foundation is beginning to fail or requires immediate attention. You should avoid waiting to contact our team as it could have drastic consequences on your home’s comfort and quality.

Hire Foundation Experts

Let our foundation contractors speak to you about your foundation needs. We can help lay a new foundation or repair your existing one.

Foundation Repairs

It can be difficult to know if your foundation requires attention. After all, it is underneath the house. Well, we’re able to help you identify signs of foundation problems. While we recommend you contact our foundation contractors as soon as possible, warning signs should prompt the call. You should give Space Construction for foundation repairs if you identify any of the following:

  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Drywall cracking
  • Warped siding
  • Uneven or sagging floors
  • Visible cracks in the foundation
  • Exterior wall cracks
  • Ground around the house is sinking
  • Damp crawlspace or basement
  • Plumbing problems
  • Tile floor cracking

Don’t hesitate to call our foundation contractors when you notice any of the above signs. Reach out for immediate repairs will help prevent costly repairs in the future.


Pouring the foundation and foundation repairs can bring up a lot of questions, which many homeowners before you have asked. Our foundation contractors have answered a few of those questions below.

How long does a foundation take to cure?

Curing is the process of cement and water bonding and hardening through a chemical reaction. It takes seven to 28 days for concrete to cure. After seven days, the concrete can be built on, but waiting longer will decrease the chance of it cracking or becoming damaged. Only after 28 days is the concrete at its maximum strength.

How much does foundation repair cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, foundation repairs cost anywhere from $2,143 to $7,435. Your repairs will vary depending on the extent of the damage, what repairs must be completed, and the complexity of the project. You should get an accurate estimate from our team to determine what your foundation repairs will cost.

Does homeowners insurance cover foundation repair?

It depends. Whether your homeowners insurance covers foundation repair or not comes down to the cause of the damage. Damage caused by a tornado or scenarios, such as plumbing backups or fires, is likely to be covered by homeowners insurance.

However, if the damage is simply from wear and tear, you can expect to pay out of pocket. The same goes for earthquakes and floods. These situations require a separate policy.

Can you live in a house during foundation repairs?

Yes! You do not have to leave your home during foundation repairs.