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Foundation Contractors

We Love DeSoto!

Who wouldn’t be charmed by the lovely little city of DeSoto, Texas? This city offers a small-town feel. Residents are friendly, and they love being engaged with their community. The local government puts a lot of effort into ensuring there are fun things for everyone to do year-round, whether it’s a crawfish festival with plenty of good food or a drive-in film event.

We always love visiting DeSoto and seeing what creative recreational activity everyone is participating in next. The team at Space Construction loves to help our DeSoto neighbors! And of course, getting to participate in a festival after a service call is always a plus. 

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Our Services

Here at Space Construction, we want to make sure you don’t have to go to more than one company to have your contracting needs met. That’s why we offer more than 20 services! There is no home improvement project that we’re not ready to tackle. Whether your needs are big or small, we’ve got you covered. But let’s focus on one of our most important services today: laying and repairing foundations! 

The Importance of a Strong Foundation

The foundation is the most important part of your home. It sets the stage for everything else, and it determines whether your home will be stable or weak. If your foundation is weak, all of your home is weak. That’s why it’s essential to hire reliable professionals when you’re choosing a contractor to lay or repair your foundation. Make sure to do your research during the hiring process. 

Signs You Need a Foundation Contractor 

Sometimes, your foundation will need a little love to support your home better. If the contractors who built your home did not lay your foundation correctly or a natural disaster has caused damage, it’s time to call a professional. Here are some signs your foundation needs immediate attention: 

  • You’re having water drainage issues. Naturally, water drainage issues are not always caused by foundational damage. However, this is a leading cause. If your foundation is buckling or shifting, it can cause your plumbing to move as well, which results in drainage problems. 

  • There are gaps around your doors. If there is space above your doors, that is a sign your foundation is settling. You’ll need a professional to level it again. 

  • Your walls are bowing. This is a sign of serious damage, and you’ll need to address it immediately. When your walls start buckling in, you might need professionals to anchor them to prevent more damage, then remove part of your foundation and build it again. 

  • Your floors aren’t even. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook a little unevenness on the floor. Most people don’t realize that when there is a problem with the floors, it’s often an indication of what is beneath them. Most likely, uneven floors are caused by water damage to the foundation. 

Foundation damage is serious, no matter how small it seems. It’s important that you make an inspection and repairs top priority. If you don’t, you may incur more costly damages. 

Let Us Lay a Firm Foundation! 

    Few things could be more important than your home, so it’s essential you care of it. Making sure your foundation is firm is one of the best ways you can care for your home and make sure it lasts for a long time. The professionals at Space Construction are happy to come and install or repair your foundation. All you have to do is give us a call. Contact us today for assistance!