Home Remodeling In Dallas, TX

Home Remodeling In Dallas

Space Construction offers home remodeling in Dallas for homeowners looking to save on costs and reap the benefits of a multiple-project effort. Many home renovation projects only tackle one project at a time. It may involve remodeling the kitchen or a bathroom. However, many homeowners are unaware of what home remodeling can do for their properties. At the very least, tackling multiple home remodeling projects at once will also offer advantages. When you perform a complete home remodel or take on multiple projects at once, you save on costs, specifically in materials.

Why Take on Home Remodeling?

A complete home remodeling project may sound daunting, but it offers many benefits homeowners may not realize. As we have already mentioned, you’ll save on costs when it comes to materials. Ordering materials in bulk is a great way to reduce costs. Space Construction home renovation contractors works closely with manufacturers to get our clients the best prices, but bulk ordering is always the best way to save even more money.

Another great advantage to a home remodeling In Dallas, TX project or multiple projects is it ensures your home is the same style. When you order the same materials for multiple rooms, such as flooring or paint, it helps keep all the rooms complimentary. When homeowners remodel various rooms at different times, they can have a problem matching the same style several years later. Complete home remodeling handles all the rooms at once to match their design, style, and atmosphere.

Finally, the last benefit of a complete home remodeling project is it will be a lot more relaxing for you after it’s over. Taking on a single project at once can put a lot of stress on your family. Even after it’s over, it leads you to think of the next project. A full home remodel takes care of your entire home to ensure you never have to worry about hiring home renovation contractors again.

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Space Construction wants you to take advantage of what our home renovation contractors can do for your home, wallet, and peace of mind. We offer comprehensive home remodeling for those looking to update their property all in one fell swoop. Our contractors and remodelers work with you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about being in the dark or having unanswered questions. A project manager will be by your side to assist you in any way possible.

Home Remodeling Capabilities

At Space Construction, we handle every part of your home remodeling project. Our team handles everything from the design and planning phase to the final inspection and walk-through. At every step of the process, you’ll receive quality customer service that will leave you satisfied and thrilled for the end of your project. We want to care for you as best we can. While your home is in our hands, we’ll care for it as if it were our own.

Our home remodeling in Dallas capabilities are endless. We’ll take care of any design, material, or building needs for your home. You can see a small sample of what our remodeling services include below:

  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Home additions
  • Room expansions
  • Patios and decks
  • Roofing
  • Siding
  • Interior painting
  • Exterior painting
  • Flooring
  • Drywall
  • Foundations
  • Concrete
  • And more!

Experts Home Remodeling In Dallas, TX

When you want to update your Dallas home, give Space Construction a call. We’ll offer you a free estimate and assist you in designing and planning your home remodeling project. A project manager will be assigned to your project early on in the process. They’ll be your contact for questions, concerns, and regular updates. We are committed to providing the very best customer experience in the Greater Dallas area. Give us a call today to start the home remodeling process or to learn more about our services!


There is a lot to learn regarding home remodeling projects. With so much to learn, we know you’ll have questions. Our team is here to help you address some of those common questions. Check out our answers below:

How much does a complete home remodel cost?

According to HomeAdvisor, the average range to remodel an entire house is between $17,960 to $76,849. This is a very large range because the price will greatly depend on the size of each room, the cost of materials, and the extent of the remodel. Cosmetic changes to your home will run you less of a bill, while complete rebuilds and redesigns will cost significantly more. To get an accurate estimate on your complete home remodeling project, give us a call!

How long does a complete home remodeling project take?

Complete home remodeling for smaller homes will take four to six months to complete. Larger homes can expect a longer timeframe range from six months to a year. You must have in mind certain factors that will affect your timeline: the extent of the remodel, the arrival of materials, and any problems that may arise. To get an accurate timeframe for home remodeling In Dallas project, give Space Construction a call today!

Can Space Construction remodel the interior and exterior of my house?

Yes! We can complete interior and exterior home remodeling projects at the same time. Once we know more details regarding the project, we can provide more details on our we’ll tackle the project, the cost, and the time estimate.