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Bathroom Remodeling

We Love Colleyville!

We love the small-town feel of Colleyville. This city is full of quiet charm, friendly people, and plenty of amenities. It’s hard to resist a visit to Colleyville whenever we need a change of pace from big city life.

Colleyville manages to give off a rural vibe, making it a good place to go for tranquility. There is a strong sense of community in this little city, and the team at Space Construction always enjoys being a part of it for a while we visit for service calls.

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We Offer Many Contracting Services!

If you read the headline, you might wonder just how many services we have. We offer more than 20 different contracting services here at Space Construction! Our contractors have 15 years of combined experience, and they can tackle any project, no matter how big or small. But let’s focus on one of our favorite services: bathroom remodeling.

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Why Bother With a Bathroom Remodel?

A bathroom remodel has a return on investment (ROI) of up to 70%! Homebuyers often pay attention to bathrooms and kitchens first and foremost, making these two rooms your best option for a home remodeling project.

Not only will you find yourself more comfortable and happy in your new space, but you’ll increase your home value as well. Thus, a bathroom remodel benefits you in the present by making this room more attractive and luxurious; it also improves your future by improving the chances of selling your home for a good price.

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Our Bathroom Remodeling Process

Before you get started on a project, it’s best to know all the details first. That’s why we start out by discussing your visions and goals for your bathroom. Once we know what you need, we’ll assign a project manager to oversee your remodel.

The project manager will answer any questions you have while keeping everything on track. There are six steps to the bathroom remodeling process, and the project manager will walk alongside you the whole time! These are the stages we go through when remodeling your bathroom: 

  1. Planning and design 
  2. Selecting materials 
  3. Demolishing old structures 
  4. Constructing new bathroom 
  5. Finalizing construction 
  6. Inspecting finished work 
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Our Top Bathroom Design Tips

When planning the design for your bathroom, you need to consider two aspects: beauty and functionality. Many people have a hard time striking a balance between the two. Sometimes, people emphasize looks too much. They invest mostly in non-functional pieces, and they end up putting in so many that it makes using the bathroom impractical.

On the opposite spectrum, some people only invest in functional pieces, which then results in a utilitarian, spartan look. Your bathroom shouldn’t be over-the-top luxurious to the point of becoming unusable, but it also shouldn’t look bare or unattractive. Finding the perfect measure of both beauty and functionality is important!

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How Long Does a Bathroom Remodel Take?

How long your project takes to complete depends on how extensive your bathroom remodel is. A full remodel can take up to six weeks. However, minor cosmetic changes naturally don’t take as long. We’re happy to provide you with a time estimate once we know more about your needs.


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Get Your Bathroom Remodel Today!

Are you ready to take advantage of the best bathroom remodeling services in Colleyville, Texas? Then we’re ready to build the bathroom of your dreams. You should feel comfortable and happy in your home. If your bathroom isn’t to your liking, don’t settle! We’ll help you find the perfect balance between functionality and beauty. Our project managers are ready to design and create your dream bathroom. Contact us today and get started! 

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