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We work with all types of patios and decks in various materials. Our contractors are experts with all types of materials, no matter the project!

patio and deck installation

Patio and Deck Installation

Highland Village, TX

Highland Village was seemingly created overnight in the 1970s when the wishes of wealthy Dallasites to “get away from it all” motivated them to settle in the area. The desires of the small rural town were transformed into something that allowed residents and visitors to enjoy the land and nature while also incorporating the lifestyle of Dallas.

In the years that followed, the city grew. The current population is over 16,000. Highland Village is one of the best places to live in the state of Texas.

In fact, it’s ranked number eight in the Best Suburbs to Buy a House in Texas and top 25 in Places with the Best Public Schools in Texas. Its countless amenities of parks, shopping centers, and location on Lewisville Lake make it a fun place to live and visit. 

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Patio and Deck Installation

One of the many positives of living in Highland Village is the great outdoors, so why not take advantage of the natural beauty outside your door by building a patio or deck?

Adding functional living space outdoors is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and your quality of life in your home. At Space Construction, we’re experts at designing and installing patios and decks

Our exterior contractors can pitch a number of different ideas based on your goals for the space. We even assist in your choice of materials based on your preferences and budget.

install patios and decks

Patio Materials

There are many different types of patio materials to choose from when you choose Space Construction to build your patio.

Each material has its own unique qualities that make them desirable for homeowners. They can add style and functionality to your yard.The most traditional patio materials are either concrete or pavers.

Both of these material choices are popular amongst homeowners. Of course, these materials are not your only choices. Here are the materials we are capable of using for your patio:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Stamped concrete
  • Gravel
  • Natural stone
  • Tile 
  • Pavement
  • Pavers
patio materials

Deck Materials

While the options for deck materials are not as endless as those for patios, there is a great deal of customization within each type of material.

No matter which material you choose, the effect will be a major “wow” factor. The most common deck materials are natural wood or composite materials:

  • Natural wood (redwood, cedar, mahogany)
  • Pressure-treated wood
  • Composite materials
deck materials

Patio and Deck Covers

Why just install a patio or deck without also installing an overhead cover? Patio and deck covers are the perfect solutions for enjoying the outdoors while still having a roof over your head, depending on the type of cover you choose.

Space Construction’s experts have many years of installing and working with clients to find the best solution to ensure they enjoy being in their own backyard. Patio and deck covers are one such way to achieve this. 

    Patio Roof

    This is the most common type of patio cover available. These can either be attached or detached from the main home structure and feature the same roofing materials on your home to offer protection from the elements.

    They can be made of metal, wood, or composite materials. Patio roofs are highly durable and customizable for homeowners.

    patio and deck covers


    Awnings are attached overhead fixtures that slope downward to shield against the elements. They may be permanent or be made to be retractable.

    When choosing a retractable awning, you have the choice of making them automatic or manual. Awnings are made of durable materials, such as vinyl or acrylic.


    Rather than a solid roof, a pergola is an attached or detached structure with open rafters. This is a popular option for homeowners looking to have some protection against the elements but still able to enjoy the sunshine overhead. It is commonly made of wood, but metal is also popular.

    Shade Sail

    A shade sail is made of fabric that is stretched across the length of your patio. It will be anchored to a set of points on your property.

    It is made of similar materials as awnings. These have the option of being permanent or movable. They are one of the simplest and least expensive patio cover options available.

    expansive patio cover

    Choosing Space Construction

    Once we hear your patio or deck idea, our team will help bring it to life with the right design and material choices. If you are unsure of what you want, we can provide you with plenty of options.

    We work with all types of patios and decks in various materials. Our contractors are experts with all types of materials, no matter the project! Contact us today.