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Commercial Remodeling in Prosper, TX!

We offer comprehensive commercial remodeling for those looking to update their property.

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Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling

Prosper, TX lives up to its name as it is one of the fastest-growing communities in the Greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Prosper began as two settlements between the 1850s and early 1900s with the Rock Hill and Richland communities. With the creation of the St.

Louis and San Francisco Railroad, the two were forced to combine. They chose the name “Prosper” after a townsperson suggested the name based on the crop yield that year being prosperous. Since then, the town has continued to flourish with new families moving to the region every year and more and more businesses popping up.

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Space Construction

With more than 15 years of combined experience, the team at Space Construction has helped businesses elevate their properties with their employees and customers.

Our budget-friendly construction, remodeling, and buildout services are excellent choices for small and medium-sized businesses. The contractors can take an existing or new space and transform it into what your business requires.

We work closely with property managers and business owners to ensure their needs are met and that the budget is maintained.

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Spaces We Can Remodel

Space Construction understands the importance of your commercial space for your employees and customers. It shouldn’t just operate as a comfortable and functioning part of the business, but it should intrigue and attract customers.

It should meet your company’s brand to ensure consistent marketing across channels. This will help you sustain customers and stand out amongst competitors.

With these goals in mind, Space Construction will meet your requirements in a commercial space and exceed your expectations. Our commercial remodeling services are perfect for, but not limited to, the following:

  • Office remodel
  • Breakroom or conference room updates
  • Restaurant remodel
  • Commercial bathroom remodel
  • Commercial kitchen remodel
  • Apartment complexes
  • Lodging
  • Retail and grocery stores
  • Schools
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Why Choose Space Construction

When you choose Space Construction, you’re choosing a dependable team. Your business should have a functional space for your employees and customers to navigate around and enjoy navigating around.

The aesthetic is as important as the efficiency of the space. With these goals in mind, let’s take a look at what sets Space Construction apart from the rest:

Clear Communication

Is key to developing an efficient and attractive commercial space. Regardless of its purpose, it must meet your business objectives. Throughout the commercial remodeling process, our contractors are in contact with you.

From the first estimate to the final walkthrough, our team will be by your side, updating you on the progress of the project, alerting you of any problems, and ensuring your vision is coming to fruition.

Fully licensed and insured

Construction company is crucial to the success of commercial remodeling projects. Our team is fully licensed and insured. We are also happy to provide copies of this information upon request. We want you to feel comfortable with us before we start working on your home.

Quality craftsmanship

Is imperative to any home or commercial remodeling project. It’s not enough to simply be in the business of remodeling and renovating properties.

There needs to be hard work and proof of craftsmanship quality. At Space Construction, we have years of experience honing our craft and giving our clients what they want. 

We also offer so much more: 

  • Free estimates
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Closely follow local, state, and federal building codes
  • Detail-oriented
  • Tailored and completed designs
  • Comprehensive commercial remodeling
  • Custom builds
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Commercial Remodeling Professionals

Space Construction wants you to take advantage of what commercial remodeling can do for your business, wallet, and peace of mind. We offer comprehensive commercial remodeling for those looking to update their property.

Our contractors and remodelers work with you every step of the way, so you never have to worry about being in the dark or having unanswered questions. Contact us today if you are ready to remodel your Prosper business.

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