5 Popular Types of Bathroom Vanities

The vanity is the focal point of any bathroom. As you go through the design process for your bathroom remodel, you’ll notice how much of an impact it has on style and utility. It’s critical you choose a bathroom vanity that matches the rest of the design features while meeting the purpose you need it to. Fortunately, there are many popular types of bathroom vanities to choose from.

1. Undermount Vanity

The undermount vanity is one of the most popular types of bathroom vanities amongst homeowners. Its flatter appearance is due to the sink being built inside rather than sitting on top of the counter. This type of vanity typically appears as freestanding but doesn’t have the same qualities. A major consideration for an undermount vanity is to be wary of storage. Since the sinks are built-in, the vanity won’t have as much storage as other options. Regardless, the sleek design and low profile make it a suitable choice.

Undermount Types of Bathroom Vanities

2. Floating Vanity

Also known as a wall-mounted vanity, a floating vanity doesn’t touch the ground and is rather mounted directly to the wall. A few inches or even feet will appear beneath the vanity itself. This area can be used for additional storage. If you don’t have a lot of options for storage, this may be a consideration. The floating vanity is also perfect for those with limited square footage. Of all the types of bathroom vanities on this list, the floating vanity is a great choice of modern or contemporary bathroom styles.

Floating Types of bathroom Vanities

3. Vessel Vanity

A vessel vanity is similar to a undermount vanity, but the notable difference is how the sink is integrated. Vessel vanity sinks sit on top of the counter rather than sitting inside. This makes them appear as bowls or large vessels atop the vanity. It’s a good selection for a variety of styles you may be trying to achieve. The only downside to the sink basins sitting on top of the vanity is they take up more space. You’ll lose counter space, and the vanity will have a more prominent presence. This is a consideration to have in mind while selecting design choices.

Vessel Type of Bathroom Vanity

4. Freestanding Vanity

A freestanding vanity is typically made of wood with clearly defined legs. At first glance, it may look like an accent table or nightstand. These types of bathroom vanities can feature vessel or undermount sinks, depending on the style you want. Some are only big enough for a single sink, but there are designs that are perfect for master bathroom sinks. Freestanding vanities usually have some kind of storage. They may use drawers or open shelving depending on the model and design.

Freestanding Types of Bathroom Vanities

5. Pedestal Sink

Finally, the pedestal sink doesn’t resemble any of the previous types of bathroom vanities. The pedestal sink is a freestanding sink with no additional storage or cabinetry attached. It’s simply just the sink. For a modern, sophisticated look, this vanity fits well. It makes a bold statement for any bathroom design or style. The pedestal sink is the perfect solution for those with smaller bathrooms or less space to work with.

Pedestal Sink

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