Exploring Popular Design Styles – Timeless Classics to Contemporary Trends

If you are looking for home remodeling in Dallas, you must find a reliable general contractor near you. Whether you’re building your dream space from scratch or renewing the home where you have spent many years and gathered many memories, finding a popular design styles general contractor in Dallas to make the dream a reality is integral.

Moreover, you should know the designs and styles you can adopt when redoing your house. Some of these designs are more stylish, while others are more convenient. Here, we will be explore popular design styles, from timeless classics to contemporary trends, so you can find the one you like.

Popular Design Styles 

Here are some of the primary designs that residential remodeling contractors in Dallas could help achieve:

  • Timeless Traditional Theme

Traditional design reminds us of classic elegance. We imagine beautiful intricate fixtures, dark wooden panels, and rich fabrics like brocade, velvet, and silk in places like curtains and upholsteries. Stripes, florals, and crystal chandeliers will complete the picture. For a balanced look, homeowners should find a consistent color palette and avoid contrasting colors, and the space should be more.

  • Transitional Style

The transitional style is what is in fashion these days. The transitional style is a mix of traditional and modern, blending traditional elements with contemporary styles. General contractors in Dallas are familiar with this theme as several new homes adopt this style for their interiors. This design style allows minimal décor while focusing on textiles and furniture. Throw blankets, area rugs, and accent pieces are a part of this style.

  • Modern and Contemporary Design

There is a difference between modern and contemporary design because the modern design is from the mid-20th-century era. Contemporary means what is in fashion these days, and that can be a blend of designs or a new trend. Modern interiors often have sleek lines, glass, chrome, and minimal decor. Any general contractor near you can tell you about the contemporary design elements.

  • Choosing Uniqueness

Eclectic designs are often defined as disconnected pieces or haphazard designs. For example, using different styles of chairs with a dining table is eclectic, but people consider it disorganized and untidy. If this is not your style, you can look for something more conventional.

However, many people like eclectic designs, which are more unique than the usual furniture and interior styles. Residential remodeling contractors in Dallas are well aware of this style because of the recent increase in its popularity.

  • Contemporary Design

The contemporary design reflects the evolving home fashion trends and includes various adoptions from different times. Some contemporary style trends are open floor plans, metallic finishes, and glass elements to maximize light.

Pair these components with neutral colors and sleek furniture for a sophisticated look. Home remodeling in Dallas is quite contemporary, so you will find many contractors who can do it well.

  • Minimalist Design 

Minimalism styles share some similarities with contemporary design because each of them rests on the concept of using less to show more. Minimalism draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetics which means keeping clutter out of the way, utilizing hidden storage, and selecting furniture with subtle elegance. When you select a reliable general contractor in Dallas, they can give you many minimalist ideas to adopt.

  • Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern always stays in style because many people love bold colors and iconic pieces like the egg chair or the reclining chair. You can adopt this style with unique colors like avocado, mustard yellow, or tangerine, giving you a modern yet classy look.

When you hire a general contractor near you, share the color palettes to incorporate them in construction and design.

  • Bohemian Design

Bohemian interior design is becoming popular, and many home remodeling contractors in Dallas know it. This design is all about nature lovers and free spirits, which makes it a refreshing change from modern or contemporary designs.

Plants play a major role in this design style, along with textures, patterns, and pieces from various cultures that are more natural. This unique style allows room for customization and incorporates materials like jute, bamboo, and wicker.

  • Modern Farmhouse

Farmhouse style is a refreshing and homely design that can go in every house. Even if you have a modern elevation, the farmhouse interior can look neat and inviting. This design includes exposed beams and plank flooring, but sleek accents elevate the space. This style will show a combination of metals, white walls, plants, and rich-colored furniture.


Those looking for a general contractor in Dallas for a popular design style can consult Space Construction Inc. for all the ideas they have in mind.

Our expert teams and technicians bring your ideas to life. From Bohemian to modern and classic, we understand each design style’s requirements and make it a reality. You can check out any of the styles above to know what you want. Call us today, and let’s get your dream home together!


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