How to Choose a Paint Color

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Are you ready for a new look? If so, you’re probably wondering how to choose a paint color that will spruce up your space and complement a fresh design. Choosing the right color isn’t easy, and it takes a lot of time and effort. However, the effort and patience are well worth it when you see your transformed space come to life before your eyes. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of color options out there, don’t worry. Take a deep breath, create a strategy, and get your dream space by following these 7 tips

1. Pick Paint Last 

Because picking paint is often a more time-consuming task, many homeowners are tempted to get it out of the way first. That’s a bad idea. Instead, choose the rest of your interior design elements first. It’s easier to pick a color that complements rugs, decorations, paintings, etc., rather than having to choose these items based on a paint color. If you get attached to a certain paint color before you have the rest of your interior design, it’s going to be harder to find matching elements.

Imagine choosing a bold shade of purple only to realize you can’t find furniture and fixtures that complement the color! You would then have to go through the hassle of selecting a new paint and repainting. Save yourself the headache and pick the paint color last!

2. Take Your Time 

The worst thing you can do is rush when choosing a paint color. Rushing will only lead to regrets, so take your time when choosing design elements and paint swatches. In the end, hurrying through Home Depot and grabbing the first color you lay your eyes on might feel good at first, but you won’t be happy once you see it on the walls. Don’t ever rush through the paint selection process! 

3. Always Bring Color Swatches Home

Did you know that things change color based on location and lighting? That’s why you should never choose a paint color while in the store. Instead, get color swatches and bring them home. Tape them onto the walls in different places, then check on them throughout the day. How do they change as the day moves from morning to night? Does the artificial light in your room affect the color at all? These are things you’ll need to consider when making a final choice. You might love the way a color looks in Home Depot but hate it once you get home.

A pile of paint samples from a homeowner who is learning how to choose a paint color

4. Think Twice Being Veering Away From Neutrals 

Bold interior colors are becoming increasingly popular, and there’s something to say for their aesthetic appeal. If you’re thinking about choosing a bold color like bright orange or turquoise, you can. In the end, a room can be repainted if you make a mistake. But there is something to be said for a neutral palette. When you choose neutral paint, you can change your furniture and other interior design elements without having to repaint. But if you decide you don’t like your interior design after going with a bold color, it’s going to be harder to backpedal. That’s why we recommend staying neutral if you aren’t 100% committed to a certain look.

5. Consider Color Psychology 

Have you ever heard of color psychology? Scientists believe colors evoke certain emotions. For instance, green is supposed to cause feelings of tranquility and relaxation. Yellow makes you feel cheerful. Purple increases feelings of wisdom and independence. Designers suggest using color psychology to guide you while you pick paint. How do you want to feel when entering the room? Knowing that will help you choose an interior design scheme. 

6. Take Your Whole Home Into Consideration

When you’re trying to remodel one room, it’s easy to narrow your focus. However, you should consider the paint color in your other rooms as well. You see, you want to create a sense of flow when you step from one room to another. If you have one red room, one blue room, one yellow room, and one green room, there’s going to be dissonance in your home design. Stepping into each room will feel jarring because there is no continuity. Try to stick to a similar color palette for your whole home to avoid this problem. 

7. Don’t Choose Colors Based on Trends 

These days, it seems you can’t escape from trends. Something is always trending, whether it’s all-white interiors or a certain type of chair. But trends come and go. What was popular one year ago can be virtually phased out the next. That’s why you should always choose a color you like, rather than going with what everyone else thinks is all the rage. That way, you’ll be happy for years to come. 

We Can Meet Your Painting Needs! 

We hope our tips have helped you learn how to choose a paint color. Repainting can be an overwhelming task, so don’t hesitate to reach out for professional help. The team at Space Construction is here to support you as you redesign and repaint your home. Our professionals are efficient, and they guarantee the quality of their work. Contact us today for assistance! 


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