Top 10 Home Remodeling Contractors Near Me

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Homeowners look for multiple home remodeling contractors when they consider remodeling their homes. We have ranked the best contractors for all kinds of remodeling works in Dallas, Texas. Here is the list of our search of the top ten home remodeling contractors near me in Dallas. You can read all about them here and contact them when you require their services.

Top 10 Home Remodeling Contractors Near Me

  1. Space Construction

Space Construction specializes in all kinds of remodeling and construction services. They take care of all the aspects of a project. The experienced team of contractors at Space Construction can handle various projects, including kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, home remodeling, roof replacements, home additions, new construction homes, and water damage restoration. This construction company meticulously considers every element until it aligns with the client’s dream home. With a commitment to working within any budget, Space Construction ensures that home remodeling projects can become a reality without spending too much time and money.

  1. EcoStar 

EcoStar boasts a team of expert contractors with experience and expertise. This company of general contractors is dedicated to taking care of every aspect of your home remodeling project. There are many contractors in Dallas, but we selected EcoStar because it offers design and executes it seamlessly.

The services offered by EcoStar include basement, bathroom, and kitchen remodeling. The contractors also provide garage conversion, exterior paint jobs, deck and driveway remodeling, and landscaping with roofing and window installation.

  1. Innovations Touch

As a trusted general contractor, Innovations Touch prioritizes customer satisfaction by offering a range of benefits that add to the remodeling experience for homeowners in Dallas. The commitment begins with providing free quotes without any financial commitment.

With years of experience in the industry, Innovations Touch has experts with the skills and knowledge to make every project a success. These general contractors use industry-leading materials to ensure durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. The various services offered by Innovations Touch include kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and custom cabinets.

  1. DFW Improved

DFW Improved is one of Dallas, Texas’s most reliable general contractors. The service originates in Carrollton, but the residents of Dallas can benefit from it too. With over 15 years of experience, DFW Improved is the home of expertise for every project. The client reviews show satisfaction with bathroom renovations, kitchen upgrades, and outdoor work.

  1. Remodeluxe

Remodeluxe is a premium contractor service in Carrollton, TX. This service is excellent for those aiming to complete a home remodeling project, interior or exterior home remodel, or a room addition. We ranked Remodeluxe because of its expert teams and excellent customer service. Whether you want to update lighting, custom kitchen cabinets, or granite countertops, this service is best. Hardwood flooring reviews on their website are also outstanding. You can get a free custom offer if you call them regarding the remodeling job you have in mind.

  1. G&S Remodeling

As fully licensed and insured home remodeling contractors, G&S Remodeling is a safe choice for all homeowners in Texas. Their specialty lies in providing high-end, customized renovation services, and they have excellent reviews. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and the contractors use the best products available. Clients can feel confident that G&S can care for their home with love, bringing out the best results. This company offers a single point of contact and eliminates the stress of dealing with multiple contractors.

  1. Spire Construction

Spire Construction and Remodeling is one of the best services in Carrollton and its surrounding area. Clients can trust this general contractor to complete their home projects on time. Moreover, they will ensure that your budget is balanced. The company’s mission is to guide clients in starting a project or remodeling their home.

  1. Your Home Expert

This general contractor deals with emergencies and has earned the best reputation. Contractors estimate the immediate problem, provide a course of action, and work with the clients every step of the way. They specialize in avoiding further damages and engage insurance companies to ensure coverage. The company offers complete reconstruction services, including home design and repairs, employing experienced professionals known for their work in Dallas and other cities in Texas.

  1. Michael Nash Kitchens

Michael Nash Kitchens enjoys an excellent reputation in kitchen remodeling. This company has gathered several awards and is considered the city’s best home builder and remodeler. The team comprises experienced contractors and interior designers who can turn your home into a dream house. Their service extends to kitchen and bathroom remodeling and expert home improvement services. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, they stand as the experts for home transformations.

  1. Monk’s Home Improvement

Monk’s Home Improvements specializes in home maintenance and services such as kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, and garage resizing projects. The large team of contractors, engineers, interior designers, and planners are experts in their fields and will not be a disappointment if you are looking for the best home remodeling near you. This contractor service provides convenience with exceptional work standards.


We have compiled a list of the top 10 home remodeling contractors near you. You can check their reviews online and consult them for the most reliable services. We checked their work and only created this list so that you could find the best solutions for your remodeling projects.


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