Benefits of a Ranch-Style Home

Though ranch-style homes have existed since the 1920s, their popularity in recent years has surged. In fact, Trulia reported that ranch homes are the most desired home across 34 states, and it’s not hard to see why. The typical open concept of ranch homes with their single-floor living offers affordability above all else. Whether you have a small family looking for a house with the most bang for your buck or are an older couple whose kids have recently moved out, a ranch-style home might be for you. 

Characteristics of Ranch-Style Homes

Ranch homes originated in California but swiftly grew in popularity as they swept across the U.S., where they now predominantly exist in the Midwest, Southwest, and North. They are popular for their simplistic, single-level design and feature open concepts, which are extremely desired in today’s housing market. 

The general shape of ranch-style homes tends to be a rectangular, “U,” or “L” shape. Attached garages are typical, and wide roof eaves are the common theme. Most feature some sort of outdoor living space, though more commonly these living spaces are decks or patios. Some feature patio enclosures while others are more open to the air. 

To summarize, here are the main features of ranch-style homes:


  • Mix of two to three exterior materials
  • Single-story
  • Low roofline and wide eaves
  • Large windows 
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Attached garage/basement


  • Open concept
  • Basement as additional living space
  • Minimalist design
Ranch-style Home

Source: Designing Idea

Benefits of Ranch-Style Homes

Aside from the obvious physical appeals of ranch-style homes, there are other benefits, too. Let’s go over a few. 

More Space

It’s easy to be deceived by the seemingly boundless space of two-story homes, but one-story homes can be just as spacious. What two-story homes lack that ranch-style homes make up for is an open concept. Two-story homes tend to have many interior walls, some of which seem to serve no other purpose than to break up the home. Furthermore, the space that stairs take can entirely change the space, often forcing rooms to be contained in certain spaces which can cause crowding. This can be a colossal waste of potential for the home. 


With no need for stairs to other crucial parts of the home, ranch-style homes make living so much easier. This is especially appealing for older families or even young families who have young children to worry about. The hazards are virtually eliminated. If your ranch-style home features a basement, you may still need to worry about stairs, but this is entirely dependent on if you have a finished or unfinished basement that you regularly use. If you are worried about potential hazards with basement stairs, consider a child’s gate. These come in many different styles that you can match to the stair rails and flooring of your home. 


Inside and out, cleaning and maintenance work is much simpler with ranch homes. The open concept means not having to worry about unplugging and plugging the vacuum room-to-room. Cleaning the interior of ranch-style homes can cut the time down in half compared to two-story homes. 

Outdoors, the cleaning and maintenance are much the same as it is indoors. Ranch-style homes tend to exist on smaller lots, making lawn care simpler. Without having to worry about a second level, window cleaning is also easier. Whatever the project, the work will be far less dangerous. 

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