Top 5 Different Types of Patio Enclosures

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As we near the hot summer months, the time we spend outdoors soaking up the sun is fast approaching. Lawns need to be mowed, gardens need to be manicured, and when that’s all done, you’re tired and fried from the heat. But the sun is still shining and the day is still young, and you want to still enjoy the outdoors while staying cool and comfortable. Make your next summer project bringing the indoors, outdoors with a brand new patio enclosure. 

Patio enclosures are an expert way to enjoy your backyard day and night whether you’re entertaining family and friends or relaxing in the great outdoors. There are many different types of patio enclosures that allow you to achieve this. Let’s go over the top five patio enclosures. 


The beauty of a crisp, white pergola with a purple clematis climbing its beams is unrivaled. Of course, the choice is yours what pergola you’ll choose. Pergolas are oftentimes freestanding structures comprised of several vertical beams with a corresponding amount of horizontal beams across the top. These structures are perfect for giving homeowners a decent amount of shade while also allowing the gentle summer breeze in. They come in various colors and styles and are open to customization based on your needs. Whether you want to drape a canopy over top for some added shade or let the sun’s rays seep through, the choice is yours. 

Outdoor Pergola

Source: Houzz

Patio Cover

Not to be confused with a pergola, patio covers can be freestanding or attached to your home. They involve a bit more construction, but the results are effective and inviting. By adding a bit extra real estate to your patio, patio covers are an excellent choice in bringing the indoors out. Similar to a pergola, patio covers involve several vertical pillars but typically involve a solid roof overtop.

Oftentimes, ceiling fans are installed, which is especially welcome in the sweltering summer months when air movement is stagnant. And if you really want to impress your guests, a TV can be installed to truly maximize your outdoor living space. The personalization of patio covers is endless. Whether you choose to build the pillars out of stained wood or stone, each will give your backyard a rich and impressive flare. 

Patio Cover by Pool

Source: MyDomaine

Screened-in Porch

To truly take the concept of ‘bring the indoors outdoors,” consider a screened-in porch. Compared to patio covers, these are much more involved as they typically involve more structure and framing. Screened-in porches are connected directly to the home and are relatively shielded from the elements, excluding the screens that act as windows into your backyard. If you prefer to enjoy your backyard in a more controlled setting, this is the option for you.

Screen-in Porch Living Space

Source: This Old House


Whereas a screened-in porch lets in the breeze and sounds of the outdoors, a sunroom is a solid structure attached to the home that is more a part of the indoors than the outdoors. Replacing the screens of a screen-in porch, sunrooms use windows. This concept is especially enticing for those who want to remain cool in the summer months or remain warm in the winter months because sunrooms are temperature controlled. Another large benefit to sunrooms or screened-in porches is that insects won’t bug you. Furniture and items you wouldn’t typically put outdoors can be placed in this room as the harmful rays of the sun won’t be an issue. 


Source: Better Homes and Gardens


Believe it or not, gazebos have been around for millenniums. That’s right; gazebos were first popularized in ancient Egypt and were used then for much the same thing as they are now: gazing out over one’s garden. Gazebos have perhaps the most customizability to them than any other patio enclosure, and this is due to the varying designs with which one can be built. They all tend to be freestanding structures that can be placed anywhere in the yard and are regularly constructed out of wood, but the roofing can be constructed in many different ways to give your gazebo a unique effect. This romantic and classic patio enclosure is an undeniably distinct garden ornament. 

Modern Gazebo

Source: Insider

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