4 Common Foundation Mistakes

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Investing in a house is a significant risk, but people are willing to take it because of the payoff it offers. They want to create their dream home where they live with their family and grow old; a place that can withstand the test of time, seasons, and damage. However, this dream won’t come true if the foundation of your home is not sturdy.

There are many ways home construction can go wrong. Yet, you can solve the problems by adding in a little bit of effort and money. The foundation problems are not that simple. They do not show right away, and once they do, the side effects are difficult to manage.

We recommend learning from these common mistakes if you plan to create your dream home with a solid foundation and structural integrity. You must avoid them at all costs to ensure your home will remain habitable for decades!

Home Foundation Mistakes That Cost You More Than Money!

1. Building on Loose Soil

The land where you erect the house is vital for many reasons. The primary one is its settlement. When looking for land or property to reconstruct, you must consider the soil before constructing a new property. Without suitable soil, chances are your house structure won’t be stable.

You can add as many stabilizing elements and materials to the surface; if the soil is not meant for construction, it won’t hold. Loose soil usually causes the house to sink or settle, so take measures right away to avoid future damage to your home’s construction.

2. Ignoring the Foundation Issues You Already Know

Homeowners notice issues with the foundation when the house starts to settle. They ignore these signs, waiting for something big to happen before spending money on the house again! It’s a mistake that can become dangerous for your home foundation.

When there are cracks visible in the home’s structure and doors are having trouble closing smoothly, it’s time to call a professional for a foundation inspection. Once you learn the real reason causing issues with the foundation, get it fixed right away.

Foundation Cracks and Problems

3. Letting the Gutters Get the Best of You

Your foundation is the support that keeps your house steady, but it needs help from surrounding elements to withstand the challenges. That’s why gutters are important! They manage water flow after a downpour, keeping the stagnant water away from the foundation.

If the water comes in contact with the home foundation, it corrodes the soil and weakens the structural integrity. You can avoid this mistake by keeping the gutters cleaned and updated. Also, ensure that your property is graded.

4. Renovation Without Foundation Inspection

Home improvement projects keep the construction companies in demand throughout the year. People are always ready to add or remove something from their house, which benefits the economy. However, it can prove damaging if the renovations are done without foundation checks.

If the soil and your home structure do not have the strength to manage the weight of the renovations, it will be detrimental to the property. Therefore, hire foundation experts to ensure the house is as excited about renovations as you are!

Get in Touch with Us for Foundation Service!

At Space Construction, we hire experts to provide foundation services and repairs. They are the people willing to work with you on your dream project and change your life for the better. If you already have a dream house, you can trust these home foundation specialists to repair your property successfully!


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