Home Additions: 4 Steps for Planning

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Your idea of a dream home can change with time. It is highly unlikely that you will continue to like a particular design and stick with it for years. You can think of adding a new room or extending your kitchen to utilize the space in your house more efficiently. However, dreams are different from reality, and home addition planning can quickly turn into a nightmare if you have never done it before.

Homeowners who wish to change the look of their house with some home additions require a proper plan to realize their dream. The renovations will demand you to plan everything to the last detail before hiring a squad of experienced construction workers. 

Space Construction is here to help you with that! We share the list of steps that will make the home addition process easier for you and your family.

Steps for the Home Addition Process

Step 1: Figure Out What You Want

This needs to be specific! Statements like, ‘we need more room in the kitchen’ or ‘we need a new guest bedroom’ won’t cut it. You’ll have to identify where the home addition project has to begin.

You need to figure out why you want to add a new bedroom or bathroom to your home. And if the cost is worth all the time and effort that you’ll have to put into it. If you are sure that home addition is something you definitely want, getting in touch with a professional contractor will help you decide.

Step 2: Budget Before Anything Else

Please do not keep it open-ended! Homeowners who get excited about adding new space to their house often forget that going over your budget is possible when ideas fly left and right. Therefore, following the first step, you must finalize a budget even before hiring someone to design the new space.

The construction specialists will give you an estimate when you meet them with your home addition idea. And if it’s not closer to your budget, you can discuss what’s wrong with your vision and how to make it feasible and worth your investment.

Plans and Budget for Home Addition

Step 3: Get Help From Professional Designers

Creating a house plan from scratch is easier than planning a home addition project. Making space in an existing home requires an expert’s opinion. Therefore, always hire a professional drafter to realize your ideas on paper before you start emptying your pockets.

The design should follow your budget and create the area you want without compromising on the aesthetic appeal. You can hire an interior designer to help you with the materials and other accessories. Again, try to find things within the budget for the home addition project. It’s necessary to follow the budget so that you are happy after the renovations are done.

Step 4: Time to Start Building!

Once everything is finalized, you can hire the best home addition contractor in your area. Always opt for a company that understands your ideas and budgeting. They should also be willing to meet the deadlines without unnecessary delays.

Though all the other steps are crucial for the home addition project, your construction team is vital in determining its success. You must always hire a reliable and credible home addition construction team for your own sanity and peace of mind.

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Space Construction understands your need to improve your house. We can help you realize your vision of a better home by providing home addition services. Whether it is a new bathroom for the upper level or a sunroom closer to the backyard, we can make it happen with the help of our amazing team of home addition experts. Give us a call at (469) 397-4600 to get an estimate today!


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