Types of Patios & Decks: The Ultimate Guide

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When designing your dream house, you want everything to be perfect. While you may pay more attention to the interior details, outdoor details are just as important. From minor decisions about the color of your window panes to the material used for the patios and decks, you have to ensure everything makes the house look welcoming.

The outdoor space of your house can affect the image of your living condition. Your guests can determine what you like, don’t like, or prefer to keep at home based on what they see before stepping inside your front door. If you want them to have a great first impression, we suggest investing in a custom deck or patio.

Patio Material

The feasibility and comfort should be your top priority when choosing the material. For patios and decks, it is vital that the material is not just for show—it should be easy to use regularly.

Patio Pavers

Following are the material we offer at Space Construction:

  • Concrete
  • Gravel
  • Tile
  • Brick
  • Natural stone
  • Stamped concrete
  • Pavement
  • Pavers

Traditionally, pavers and concrete are homeowners’ choices, but you can choose whatever material fits your home’s vibe.

Patio Designs

You do not have any limitations in designing outdoor elements like patios and decks for your house. Here are some of the fancy and simple designs that you may like:

  • Poolside Patio: If your house has a swimming pool, you can use the surrounding area for dinners and weekend gatherings. Poolside patios are popular for their comfortable and relaxed environment.
  • Patio Kitchen Area: If you have the space for an outdoor kitchen, go for a patio kitchen! People who enjoy cooking love it more when they can do it outside while enjoying the weather and clean air.
  • Modern Landscaping Patio: This style works best for houses with small yards. Even if there is not enough room for dozens of guests, you can use the space for small gatherings and dinners.
  • Paver Patio: Among the most liked styles, the paver patio is a tidy-looking design for a minimalist look. It is DIY-friendly, and you can decorate with stone or brick pavers.

Deck Material

Patios and decks have different material options. While patios can be built using various materials, decks are built for stability and accessibility. We offer natural wood and composite materials for deck building.

Deck Seating Area

Natural wood is best when you want a beautiful outdoor space. You can choose pressure-treated wood if you do not want to spend a lot of money. On the other hand, we have composite materials for decks. They are made of plastics, additives, and recycled wood.

Deck Designs

Following are the most common deck styles people choose:

  • Traditional Designs: The first choice for a deck is a traditional design. Most people choose this option as it is versatile and beautiful. To customize the design, you can have a low-square style or high-rise rectangle with angled corners.
  • Curved Design: a curved design would blend in with the landscaping elements of your outdoor space. You can have a partial or complete curved design to make your exterior look elegant and stylish.
  • L-Shaped Wraparound: another popular style is the L-shape wraparound. It will keep your backyard open with a lot of space for other entertainment options.

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Patios and decks can enhance the beauty of your living space. You can use the area to spend time with your family, invite neighbors for a weekend BBQ, or host a small party for your close friends. The options are unlimited when you have a cozy space at home!

If you are interested in a deck or patio that makes your home look complete, Space Construction offers to create a design that matches your taste and needs. You can contact us by calling (469) 397-4600 to get a free quote today!


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